Boost Your Data Visualization !!
Boost Your Data Visualization !!
KoolChart is a pure HTML5 / JavaScript charting library. Beyond the basic offerings, KoolChart provides many powerful functions and advanced chart types.
KoolGrid is a DataGrid component implemented using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript with many powerful features, including Hierarchical View, Excel Conversion, etc.
KoolMap is a powerful map charting tool that displays an interactive SVG map with showing the location-related data on the web using HTML5 / JavaScript technologies.
KoolChart offers 90+ types of charts, such as Line, Column, Bar, Area, Pie, Combination, From-To, Target vs Actual, ...
JavaScript DataGrid Component, Hierarchical View, Auto Sum, Selective Control, Input Mask, Excel Conversion, ...
JavaScript Map Chart, Drilling Down, Styling, Panel, Bubble, Plot, Route, Spark Charts, Navigator, Crosshairs, User-defined Label, ...
Our Clients

Our Clietns
Enjoy the beauty of charts with KoolChart Charts PC
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Line segment, curved line, stepped line, item renderers are supported. You can set the thickness and color of the line. Tooltips and the animation effects can be adjusted.
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Create Enterprise Dashboards using KoolGrid

The DataGrid control is the key component of many applications, especially those require presenting a tabular display of the report data. KoolGrid is a pure HTML5 / JavaScript DataGrid component.

The Features of KoolGrid
  • Mobile Devices Support
  • Hierarchical Data Representation
  • Merge, Sort, Move, Hide, Freeze Rows and Columns
  • Data Editing
  • Many Renderers Support
  • Selective Control, Filtering and Search
  • Excel Interface and Import / Export
  • Sub Total, Grand Total, Footer, Control Selective Rows and Columns
  • Grid and Cell Styles
  • Data Transmission between two grids, Pagination, Context Menu, Multiple Languages and Many Columns
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Grids Tablet
Build Interactive Location Maps with KoolMap
Map Chart

The interactive map is useful for many applications, such as Dashboards, KPIs, Operational Metrics, etc. KoolMap is a powerful tool that displays interactive maps with showing the location-related data on the web using HTML5 / JavaScript technologies.

The Features of KoolMap
  • Mobile Devices Support
  • Drilling down to the sub-region map
  • Styling the map and Controlling the interaction of the map
  • Image, Panel, Bubble and Plot on the map
  • Route, Spark Column, and Spark Pie on the map
  • Legend in the map chart
  • Navigator, Crosshairs, and User-defined Label
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Map Charts

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