An area chart displays graphically quantitive data. It is based on the line chart. The area between axis and line are commonly emphasized with colors. The <Area2DChart> element tag is used to create an area chart in KoolChart, and the series element tag for the area chart is <Area2DSeries>.

<Area2DChart showDataTips="true" barWidthRatio="0.7">
  <Area2DSeries labelPosition="up" yField="Price" showValueLabels="[3,5,8]" form="curve" displayName="$ Per Barrel" >
labelPosition The labelPosition attribute controls the positioning of labels. The valid values for this attribute in <Area2DSeries> are "up", "down", "both" and "none". If the value is "up", labels will be displayed above the line, and the default value is "none".
form The form attribute is used to draw the different types of line in the area chart. The valid values are "segment" ( data points are connected by a straight line. ), "curve" ( data points are connected by a curved line. ), "step" ( data points are connected by a stepped line starting with the horizontal line. ) and reverseStep. The default value is "segment".

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