The CSS Styles can be applied to an axis title and axis labels. If you want to change the style of axis labels, then you need to set the styleName attribute, and if you want to change the style of the axis title, then you need to set the axisTitleStyleName attribute in the Chart element tag ( e.g. <Line2DChart> ).

The CSS styles must be defined in the <Style> element tag which is normally defined at the end of the layout ( just before </KoolChart> ). The name which is set to the value of the styleName attribute begins with the dot ( . ) character and is followed by the curly braces which contain CSS attributes and values.

  <Line2DChart ... styleName="chartStyle" axisTitleStyleName="axisTitleStyle" ... >
  <Style>>.chartStyle{fontSize:11; fontStyle:italic; color:0xff812d;}.axisTitleStyle{fontSize:13; fontWeight:bold; color:0x454545;}

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