This sample is to show how to display two vertical ( Y- ) axes in the chart. Two <verticalAxis> element tags are defined in this sample chart with setting the id attributes to "axis1" and "axid2".

If the placement attribute is not set in the AxisRenderer ( e.g. <Axis2DRenderer> ) element tag, then the location of the first axis ( "axis1" ) is the left of the chart, and the location of the second axis is the right of the chart.

You can decorate the axis with different colors using the <axisStroke> element tag.

<Combination2DChart ... >
    <CategoryAxis categoryField="Month"/>
    <LinearAxis id="axis1" formatter="{numFmt}"/>
    <Line2DSeries ... >
        <LinearAxis id="axis2" interval="0.5"/>
    <Axis2DRenderer axis="{axis1}"/>
    <Axis2DRenderer axis="{axis2}">
        <Stroke color="0xFFCC00" weight="4">

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