The currency symbol in the number can be added using the currencySymbol and alignSymbol attributes in the <CurrencyFormatter> element tag. This sample chart is to show how to display Japanese currency symbol ( YEN, ¥ ).

You must set the currency symbol you want to display to the value of the currencySymbol attribute and set the display location of the currency symbol to the value of the alignSymbol attribute ( alignSymbol="right" ).

<CurrencyFormatter id="fmt" currencySymbol="¥" alignSymbol="right" />					
<Column2DChart ...  >
    <LinearAxis formatter="{fmt}" > 


currencySymbol The currencySymbol attribute is to set the currency symbol. You can use the normal currency symbol or a string value.
alignSymbol The alignSymbol attribute determines the display location of the currency symbol. The valid values are "left" and "right".

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