The series-slide effect is to animate the data elements from the left (right) to the right (left) or from the top (bottom) to the bottom (top).

The <SeriesSlide> element tag is used to create the series-slide effect in the chart, and it must be defined as a child node of the <showDataEffect> element tag which is a child node of the series tags, such as <Column2DSeries>, <Bar2DSeries>, etc.

<Column2DSeries ... >
    <SeriesSlide direction="left" duration="1200" elementOffset="60"/>
direction The direction attribute controls the animation direction. The valid values are "left", "right", "up", "down", and the default value is "left".
duration The duration attribute controls the total effect time (unit: millisecon, default : 500 ms).
elementOffset The elementOffset attribute controls the delay between the two adjacent data elements (unit: millisecon, default : 20 ms).

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