You can draw as many lines as you want, each with their own styles (color, label, thickness, ... etc.).

If you want to draw a vertical line, then you need to set as horizontal="false" and to assign the horizontal axis value to the value attribute ( e.g. value="Jan" ).

The diagonal line of the chart can be drawn by setting two attributes, startValue and endValue ( startValue="1000", endValue="2000" ).

  <Stroke id="stroke1" color="#969596" weight="1"/>
        <AxisLine value="1000" label="Label 01" stroke="{stroke1}" labelUpDown="up" color="#969596"/>
        <AxisLine value="1500" label="Label 02" stroke="{stroke1}" labelUpDown="down" labelAlign="left" color="#969596"/>
        <AxisLine value="2000" label="Label 03" stroke="{stroke1}" labelUpDown="up" labelAlign="left" labelRotation="90" color="#969596"/>
        <AxisLine value="Jan" label="January" stroke="{stroke1}" labelUpDown="down" labelAlign="right" linePosition="left" horizontal="false" color="#969596"/>
        <AxisLine value="Mar" label="March" stroke="{stroke1}" labelUpDown="down" labelAlign="left" linePosition="left" labelRotation="90" horizontal="false" color="#969596"/>
        <AxisLine value="Oct" label="October" stroke="{stroke1}" labelUpDown="up" linePosition="right" labelRotation="90" horizontal="false" color="#969596"/>
        <AxisLine startValue="1000" endValue="2000" label="From-To Line" labelUpDown="up" labelAlign="left" color="#0099FF">
            <Stroke color="#0099FF" weight="1">

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