DisApply Pattern

The twenty different types of patterns are supported in KoolChart for visually impaired users. You can use the default patterns or choose a pattern file in the JavaScript function.

This sample chart is to show how to use the default pattern in the pie chart.

If you want to use the default pattern in the pie chart, then you must set the value of the patternMode attribute to "true" ( patternMode="true" ).

<Pie2DChart ... patternMode="true" >

You must set as usePattern="true" in chartVars, and set the directory path ( KoolChart.patternImageBaseUrl ) of the pattern files and the file names ( KoolChart.patternImagesUrl ).

var chartVars1 = "KoolOnLoadCallFunction=chartReadyHandler";
chartVars1 += "&usePattern=true";

KoolChart.patternImageBaseUrl = "/KoolChart/Assets/Patterns/";

KoolChart.patternImagesUrl = [

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