ToolTips or DataTips can be customized using Tooltips-related attributes in the Chart element tag ( e.g. <Line2DChart>, <Column2DChart>, etc. ).

This sample line chart is to show how to set Tooltips-related attributes. If you mouse over the data points, then you will see the Tooltips box with background filled with the series color.

<NumberFormatter id="dataTipFmt" precision="1" >
<Line2DChart showDataTips="true" dataTipFormatter="{dataTipFmt}" dataTipBackgroundColorOnSeries="true">
  <Line2DSeries ... >
showDataTips The showDataTips attribute determines whether or not to display Tooltips when user mouse over the data points. The default value is "false".
dataTipFormatter The dataTipFormatter attribute is to set the display format for Tooltips.
dataTipBackgroundColorOnSeries The dataTipBackgroundColorOnSeries attribute determines whether or not to fill the series color on the background of the Tooltips box. The default value is "false".

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