If you want to create a bar 100% chart, set the value of the type attribute to "100%" in the <Bar2DSet> element tag.

<NumberFormatter id="nft" rounding="up">					
<Bar2DChart showDataTips="true" dataTipFormatter="{nft}">
    <Bar2DSet type="100%" >	
        <Bar2DSeries labelPosition="inside" showValueLabels="[6]" xField="iPhone" displayName="iPhone" formatter="{nft}" color="#ffffff">
function labelFunc(id,value) {
  return  value+"%";

The attributes of <NumberFormatter>

id The unique identifier which is used as the value of the formatter attribute. In the above chart, the value of the id attribute ("nft") in the <NumberFormatter> element tag is set to the value of the formatter attribute in the <Bar2DSeries> element tag. e.g. formatter="{nft}"
rounding The rounding attribute determines the rounding method. The valid values are "down", "nearest", "up" and "none". The default value is "none".

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