You can combine more than two types of charts in a single chart. This type of chart is called a combination chart, and the <Combination3DChart> element tag is used to create a combination 3d chart in KoolChart.

In the above sample chart, one <Column3DSeries> element tag and one <Line2DSeries> element tag are defined as child nodes of the <series> element tag.

An additional vertical axis ( Y-Axis ) is defined for the line chart (<Line2DSeries>) in the above sample chart. As the following layout shows: the <verticalAxis> element tag is created as a child node of the <series> element tag, and this axis is drawn at the right of the chart.

<Combination3DChart showDataTips="true" >
    <Column3DSeries ... >
    <Line2DSeries ... styleName="lineSeriesLabel" >
        <LinearAxis id="vAxis2" >
    <Axis3DRenderer axis="{vAxis2}" showLine="true" />


styleName The styleName attribute is used to set the CSS style of the line. In the above sample chart, The "lineSeriesLabel" style is used (styleName="lineSeriesLabel"), which is defined in the <Style> element tag.


axis The axis attribute determines which axis will be drawn. The valid value is the ID of <horizontalAxis> or <verticalAxis>.
showLine The showLine attribute determines whether or not to display the line for Axis.

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