This sample gauge chart is to show how to create a circular type gauge with orange color.

<CircularGauge ... minimumAngle="30" maximumAngle="330" ... maximum="100" ... >					


startAngle The startAngle attribute controls the start of the gauge. The valid value range is "0 - 360". If startAngle="0" ( = "360" ), then the gauge starts at 3 o'clock location, and as the value increases, the start location increases to clockwise.
minimumAngle The minimumAngle attribute controls the minumum location of the gauge. As the value of minimumAngle in the above example is "30", the gauge starts ( the point of "0" ) at 30 degrees clockwise from 90 degrees ( startAngle="90" ).
maximumAngle The maximumAngle attribute controls the maximum location of the gauge.
minimum The minimum attribute determines the minumum value of the gauge.
maximum The maximum attribute determines the maximum value of the gauge.
interval The interval attribute controls the distance between two major ticks.
minorInterval The minorInterval attribute controls the distance between two minor ticks.

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