A matrix chart shows relationships between two or more variables in a data set in grid format. The matrix chart is formed through at least two variables, for the X- and Y-categories. If there is a third or fourth variable, colour or other another dimension can be added to the matrix to represent it.

The <Matrix2DChart> element tag is used to create a matrix chart in KoolChart, and the series element tag for the matrix chart is <Matrix2DSeries>.

This sample chart is to show how to create a "renderer" type matrix chart.

<Matrix2DChart type="renderer" drawType="radius" ... >
    <Matrix2DSeries xField="Data1_x" yField="Data1_y" zField="Data1" renderer="rectangle" ... />
    <Matrix2DSeries xField="Data2_x" yField="Data2_y" zField="Data2" renderer="circle" ... />
    <Matrix2DSeries xField="Data3_x" yField="Data3_y" zField="Data3" renderer="diamond" ... />
    <Matrix2DSeries xField="Data4_x" yField="Data4_y" zField="Data4" renderer="upTriangle" ... />
    <Matrix2DSeries xField="Data5_x" yField="Data5_y" zField="Data5" renderer="downTriangle" ... />
    <Matrix2DSeries xField="Data6_x" yField="Data6_y" zField="Data6" renderer="star" ... />


type The type attribute determines the drawing or fill type of the cell in the grid. The valid values are "renderer", "fill", "image" and "plot".
drawType The drawType attribute determines which measure criteria will be used to draw the item in the cell. The valid values are "radius" and "area".


xField The xField attribute determines the field name of the horizontal axis ( horizontalAxis ).
yField The yField attribute determines the field name of the vertical axis ( verticalAxis ).
zField The zField attribute determines the field name of the data represented in the cell of the grid.
renderer The renderer attribute determines which figure will be drawn in the cell of the grid. The valid values are "rectangle", "circle", "diamond", "upTriangle", "downTriangle", "star", and the default value is "rectangle". (It is valid only if type="renderer" or type="plot".)

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