A scroll chart is a scrollable chart which, instead of accommodating all data in the constrained space, uses the scrollbar to scroll to a specific data point. KoolChart supports the scroll function in the column chart, bar chart, line chart, area chart and combination chart.

The <ScrollableAxisRenderer> element tag is used to create a scrollable axis, which can be defined as a child node of the <horizontalAxisRenderers> ( or <verticalAxisRenderers> ) element tag.

The <CategoryLinearAxis> element tag must be defined to use the scroll function, and <CategoryAxis> does not support the scroll function.

This sample chart is to show how to create a multiseries column chart with the horizontal scrollbar.

<Column2DChart ... >
    <Column2DSeries yField="Data1" ... />
    <Column2DSeries yField="Data2" ... />
    <Column2DSeries yField="Data3" ... />
    <CategoryLinearAxis id="hAxis" categoryField="City" />	
    <ScrollableAxisRenderer axis="{hAxis}" visibleItemSize="7" />


axis The axis attribute determines which axis will be drawn. The valid value is the ID of <horizontalAxis> or <verticalAxis>.
visibleItemSize The visibleItemSize attribute determines how many items will be displayed in the chart.

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