A wing chart ( or tornado chart ) is a special type of column chart ( or bar chart ), where two columns ( or bars ) are spread over both sides of the axis. The wing chart is useful to compare two categories of data and to provide decision makers with a quick overview.

The <Column2DWingChart> element tag is used to create a column-type wing chart in KoolChart, and the series element tag for the column-type wing chart is <Column2DWingSeries>.

If you want to create a column stacked wing chart with connecting lines, set the value of the lineToEachItems attribute in the <Column2DWingSeries> element tag to "true".

<Column2DWingChart type="stacked" ... >
    <Column2DWingSeries yField="house1" yFieldOpp="house2" lineToEachItems="true" ... >
    <Column2DWingSeries yField="factory1" yFieldOpp="femfactory2" lineToEachItems="true" ... >


type The type attribute determines the representation type of multiple series bar chart. The valid values are "clustered", "overlaid", "stacked" and "100%". The default value is "clustered".


yField The yField attribute determines the field name of the upper wing of the vertical axis ( verticalAxis ).
yFieldOpp The yFieldOpp attribute determines the field name of the lower wing of the vertical axis ( verticalAxis ).
lineToEachItems The lineToEachItems attribute determines whether or not to draw the connecting line between data points.

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