The label for the sub total and grand total can be set using JavaScript. The labelJsFunction property must be set to a JavaScript function name to change the label of the sub total and grand total.

<SpanSummaryRow label="Yearly Subtotal" labelDataField="Year" labelJsFunction="yearLabelFunction" rowAttribute="{sumRowAttr_Y}" cellAttribute="{sum1CellAttr}" />
<SpanSummaryRow label="Quarterly Subtotal" labelDataField="Quarter" labelJsFunction="quarterLabelFunction" rowAttribute="{sumRowAttr}" cellAttribute="{sum2CellAttr}" />

function yearLabelFunction(item, summaryRow) {
  var year = item["Year"];
  return year+" Subtotal"

function quarterLabelFunction(item, summaryRow) {
  var quarter = item["Quarter"];
  return quarter+" Quarterly Subtotal"

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