Modified Data
Modified Data (XML)

This sample demonstrates how to display the edit icon for the editable fields using the showEditableIcon attribute. The edit icon is always displayed in the Selected column as the showEditableIcon attribute is set to "always", and for the Subject, ReceiveDate and Length columns, the icon will be displayed when the user mouse overs a row.

The itemRenderer attribute must be set to "EditableIconItem" to use this feature.

  <DataGridColumn dataField="Selected" ... itemRenderer="EditableIconItem" showEditableIcon="always" ... />
  <DataGridColumn dataField="Subject" ... itemRenderer="EditableIconItem" editableIcon="DownArrow" ... />
editableIcon This attribute is to set the edit icon. If you set the icon name, then the icon in AssetsPath will be displayed, and you can also set the URL of the image file. (default : "editable")
iconPlacement This attribute is to set the location of the edit icon when the itemRenderer property is "EditableIconItem". (select either "left" or "right". default : "right")
itemRenderer If you set this attribute to "EditableIconItem", then you will be able to use the editableIcon attribute.
showEditableIcon Whether or not to display the edit icon for the editable column. (select "mouseover" or "always" or "none". default : "mouseover")

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