The column of the footer row can be styled (like CSS). This example demonstrates how to set the styles for the Total label and values (Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore).

  <DataGridFooter height="26"  color="#00AAFF" >
      <DataGridFooterColumn label="Total" color="#FFFFFF" backgroundColor="#3aa7f9" textAlign="center" />
      <DataGridFooterColumn summaryOperation="SUM" dataColumn="{dg1col4}" formatter="{numfmt}" textAlign="right" backgroundColor="#daf7bc" color="#FF0000" />
      <DataGridFooterColumn summaryOperation="SUM" dataColumn="{dg1col5}" formatter="{numfmt}" textAlign="right" />
      <DataGridFooterColumn summaryOperation="SUM" dataColumn="{dg1col6}" formatter="{numfmt}" textAlign="right" />

<DataGridFooterColumn >

summaryOperation SUM, MIN, MAX, AVG, COUNT

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