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KoolGrid can represent hierarchical data structures. <HierarchicalData> must be defined in the Layout to represent hierarchical data structures. This example demonstrates how to display the XML data as a hierarchical representation. In this example the field name is defined as the attribute name (not the element name) in the XML data, so the value of the dataField property must be prefixed with @ (e.g. @Year).

<DataGridColumn ... dataField="@Year" />
  <HierarchicalData source="{$gridData}" />

  <RegionalRevenue Year="2013" Quarter="T O T A L" Seoul="846568" Tokyo="748824" Singapore="717834" NewYork="676387" LA="780781" Washington="857351" Revenue="4627745">
    <RegionalRevenue Year="1/4" Quarter="1/4 SUM" Seoul="140034" Tokyo="167482" Singapore="217086" NewYork="178502" LA="174033" Washington="245098" Revenue="1122235" Percent="100">
    <RegionalRevenue Quarter="1/4" Month="1" Seoul="109520" Tokyo="40454" Singapore="82477" NewYork="47424" LA="103225" Washington="61161" Revenue="444260" Percent="40"/>
    <RegionalRevenue Quarter="1/4" Month="2" Seoul="15749" Tokyo="29714" Singapore="31393" NewYork="45006" LA="17945" Washington="90148" Revenue="229956" Percent="20"/>
    <RegionalRevenue Quarter="1/4" Month="3" Seoul="14766" Tokyo="97314" Singapore="103216" NewYork="86072" LA="52863" Washington="93789" Revenue="448020" Percent="40"/>

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