The icon can be displayed with the actual data in the cell by setting the itemRenderer property to IconItem and setting the icon property to a icon name.

  <DataGridColumn dataField="Territory" ... itemRenderer="IconItem" icon="imgBtn" ... />
  <DataGridColumn dataField="Actual" ... itemRenderer="IconItem" icon="Required" ... />
  <DataGridColumn dataField="Estimate" ... itemRenderer="IconItem" icon="favorBtn" ... />
  <DataGridColumn dataField="Price" ... itemRenderer="IconItem" icon="check" ... />
Icons Magnifier (default), Plus, Minus, FolderOpen, FolderClosed, Arrow, upArrow, DownArrow, Reguired (reddish star), Diskette, Node (document), imgBtn, favorBtn, noteBtn, man, woman
iconPlacement This property is to set the location of the icon. (left or right, default : left).

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