KoolChart  Powerful and Pure HTML5 / JavaScript Charts

 What is KoolChart?

KoolChart is a pure JavaScript charting library, which is implemented using HTML5 Canvas. It allows you to add data visualization features to your Web or Mobile Applications without Flash or other plugins.


What types of charts are available in KoolChart?

KoolChart offers basic chart types, such as Line, Column, Bar, Area, Pie, Doughnut, Bubble, Plot, Combination, From-To and Target vs Actual chart types. Beyond the basic offering, KoolChart provides advanced chart types, such as Radar, History, Real-Time, Scroll, Broken Axis, Matrix, Image, Slide, Wing, Candlestick, TreeMap, WordCloud, Histogram, Vector, ErrorBar, BoxPlot, Motion and Gauge chart types.

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How to use KoolChart?

Once you download KoolChart, you can install it on the web server or your local machine. Just extract the archive into the folder you want, and open index.html in your web browsers, then you will see the 300 sample charts. You can create your own charts easily using the sample charts, and you just need to include a link to the library file (KoolChart.js) and the license file (KoolChartLicense.js) in the web page.

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What are the license types available?

You can use KoolChart for free for trial usage. The trial version has the full functionality of the commercial version of KoolChart. The only limitation is that watermark is displayed at the top corners of the chart. Pricing is based on the number of domains, and the Lite version is available for users who want to use only the basic chart types.

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What are the distinct features of KoolChart?

300 Ready-to-use Sample Charts

KoolChart has lots of samples to be used in your project with just a few modifications, which cuts the initial time, cost and complexity of embedding charts for any applications. You can choose the chart from the sample categories that fits your needs, and just embed in your web page.

XML-based Design

We use XML for chart design because it is more readable than JSON and straightforward to both designers and developes, so that the XML-based design helps designers to make charts independently with minimum support from developers and enhances reusing of the existing codes.

Advanced Chart Types

KoolChart offers many advanced chart types. Broken Axis chart is often used when a few data points greatly exceed the others, and Wing chart is useful to compare two categories of data. You will like Real-Time chart if you have a need for real-time data monitoring, and you can use Candlestick chart to analyze your investment. Check more of the advanced chart types.

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Design Themes

KoolChart provides the theme (or “look-and-feel” or “skin”), which allows you to set the design of the chart with a single click. In addition to the six themes (default, simple, cyber, modern, pastel, old) provided by KoolChart, you can define your own theme.

Data Editor

You can view and edit the chart data using Data Editor. Data Editor is displayed at the below of the chart, and you can set to show or hide Data Editor. You can simulate the display of the chart by changing the value of the cell in Data Editor.

Web Accessibility for Visually Impaired Users

As visually impaired people can hardly recognize the color of the chart, KoolChart has the capability that displays patterns instead of colors in the chart. The twenty different types of patterns are supported, and the patterns can be modified by users. Another feature for supporting visually impaired users is text substitution. If you add data for text substitution to the chart, then KoolChart will save the data, and the data can be read by using devices or applications that support reading the substitute text.

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