KoolGrid  Powerful and Pure HTML5 / JavaScript DataGrid Component

 What is KoolGrid?

KoolGrid is a pure JavaScript DataGrid component, which is implemented using HTML5 Canvas. It allows you to add the excellent DataGrid control to your Web or Mobile Applications without Flash or other plugins.


What features are provided with KoolGrid?

KoolGrid offers basic features, such as Sort, Move, Merge, Input, Filter, Search, Span, Edit, etc. Beyond the basic features of DataGrid, KoolGrid provides advanced features, such as Hierarchical View, Auto Sum, Selective Control, Input Mask, Excel Conversion, Sub Total / Grand Total, Column & Row Locking, Scroll, Footer, Context Menu, Import / Export, etc.

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How to use KoolGrid?

Once you download KoolGrid, you can install it on the web server or your local machine. Just extract the archive into the folder you want, and open index.html in your web browsers, then you will see many useful samples. You can create your own DataGrid easily using the samples, and you just need to include a link to the library file (KoolGrid.js) and the license file (KoolGridLicense.js) in the web page.

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What are the license types available?

You can use KoolGrid for free for trial usage. The trial version has the full functionality of the commercial version of KoolGrid. The only limitation is that watermark is displayed on the grid. Pricing is based on the number of domains.

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What are the distinct features of KoolGrid?

Merge, Sort, Move, Hide, Freeze Rows and Columns
Merge can be performed across cells in the header and data region. Identifying multiple sort columns, moving columns, hiding columns and freezing columns and rows provide you with the Excel-Style data handling feature.

Data Editing
KoolGrid supports multiple editing methods for your convenience. You can edit data in the grid using direct input method or using JavaScript or using editing components, such as Calendar, ComboBox, etc.

Many Renderers Support
You can choose and use the right renderer for your DataGrid from the renderers in KoolGrid, such as HTML, HTML Link, HTML Header, Image, Icon, Index No, CheckBox, ComboBox, Spark Renderer, etc.

Selective Control, Filtering and Search
You can change the only data you want using the selective control feature, such as CheckBox and Radio Button. The search and filtering functions allow you to narrow down the grid data to find the data you need.

Excel Interface
You can copy and paste of Excel ( or DataGrid ) columns into DataGrid ( or Excel ).

Excel Import / Export
Excel data ( CSV format ) can be imported into the grid, and the grid data can be exported to Excel. The title and footer can be included when exporting, and the exported file can be saved directly to a local folder or transmitted to the server.

Sub Total, Grand Total, Footer, Control Selective Rows and Columns

Hierarchical Data Representation
The hierarchical data representation can be easily implemented in KoolGrid, and the grouping and the cell styles can also be applied in the hierarchical data representation.

Grid and Cell Styles
The styles can be applied to the whole grid, the title and the individual cells. e.g. Header Color, Background Color, Font Color, Font Size, Row Height, etc

Other Features
In addition to all the useful features, KoolGrid supports Data Transmission between two grids, Pagination, Context Menu, Multiple Languages and Many Columns.

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