KoolMap  Powerful and Pure HTML5 / JavaScript Map Charts

 What is KoolMap?

KoolMap is a tool that displays an interactive SVG map with showing the location-related data on the web using JavaScript / HTML5 technology. KoolMap is a browser and platform independent solution, which can be used with ASP.NET, JSP, PHP, ASP, ColdFusion and simple HTML page.


What features are provided with KoolMap?

KoolMap has many features designed specifically to display an interactive SVG map with the location-related data on the web, such as coloring and labeling maps, drilling down to the sub-region map, zooming in / out and moving the chart to left, right, up or down, calling the user-defined JavaScript function when the user clicks on the map, and so on.

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How to use KoolMap?

Once you download KoolMap, you can install it on the web server or your local machine. Just extract the archive into the folder you want, and open index.html in your web browsers, then you will see many useful samples. You can create your own Map Charts easily using the samples, and you just need to include a link to the library file (KoolMap.js) and the license file (KoolMapLicense.js) in the web page.

User's Guide

My country map is not available in KoolMap. How do I get my country map?

You will be able to find free SVG maps from internet resources, such as Wikipedia:Blank maps, but if you will not be able to get your country map, please send a request email to Technical Support. We provide a country map to KoolMap customers free of charge.

What are the license types available?

You can use KoolMap for free for trial usage. The trial version has the full functionality of the commercial version of KoolMap. The only limitation is that watermark is displayed on the chart. Pricing is based on the number of domains.

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What are the distinct features of KoolMap?

Drilling down to the sub-region map
You can drill down to the sub-region map by clicking the region. Coloring and labeling maps, changing colors and mouse pointers when the user mouse overs the region on the map are supported in KoolMap.

Styling the map and controlling the interaction of the map
The CSS styles are used to display fonts, colors and the border style. Coloring and labeling regions and noticeable objects in the map can be manipulated with the XML-formatted Layout. The gradient effect ( Linear, Radial ) can be built over the map.

Image, panel, bubble and plot on the map
Displaying noticeable objects, such as plots, panels, bubbles and images on the map is an excellent feature to distinguish the specific region on the map.

Route, spark column, and spark pie on the map
You can connect with the route from a region to a region, and the Spark chart ( a simple and condensed graph ) displays trends or variations for each region.

Legend in the map chart
Legend can be located at the top, bottom, left and right of the chart, and you can click the Checkbox to show/hide the items.

Navigator, Crosshairs, and the user-defined Label
The zooming feature enables the user to enlarge the certain area of the chart, and displaying the mouse pointer as crosshairs is a convenient way to locate a particular point on the chart. You can also zoom in/out and moving the chart to left, right, up or down by clicking the Map Navigator. The user-defined tooltips and labels can be displayed using the JavaScript function.

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