A Collection of Examples Made in KoolChart

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A Matrix Chart Showing
Auspicious Days
(In February, 2017 according
to the lunar calendar)
A Vertical Bar Chart
Showing the House Prices
Around the World
China vs. United States
A Column Chart Showing
Global Internet Connection Speed
The History Chart Helps
Users Represent Long-Term
Data in a Single Chart
The Change In Global Surface Temperature (Relative to 1951-1980 average temperatures)
The Global Gender Gap
Report 2016
Top 12 Countries by
Game Revenues
Which Country Reads the Most ?
Christmas-Related Injuries
Occurring Between November
and January
A Line Chart Showing
the Top 6 Countries Dominating
the Summer Olympics
Life Expectancy vs.
GDP per Capita
Using A Plot Chart for
Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram
A Tornado Chart That
Shows Elderly Poverty Rate
(OECD Countries)
Comparing the Target and
Actual Values Using KoolChart
A Pie Chart Showing
Where All the Olympics Money Goes
Levels Of Carbon Pollution (CO2)
in the Atmosphere
A Tornado Chart Showing
the Race and Age Data Behind
Trump's Win
A Wordcloud Chart That
Illustrates the New Year's
Social Networking Penetration
Placing Animated GIF on the Map
Composition of Digital
Content Spend
Success Rates df Non-violent and Violent Protests
Global Market Share Held by
Leading Smartphone Vendors
Regional Internet Penetration Figures